The first of the series of Products are:



ASN.1 (BER/PER/DER) Message Decoder/Analyzer



This web based Product provides Functionality to Decode the Mobile and Fixed Network Messages based on Standards:


-          MAP (129 002 V10.4.0 (2011-10)


-          UMTS (3GPP TS 25.331 version 10.5.0 Release 10)


-          LTE  (E-UTRA, 3GPP TS 36.331 version 10.5.0 Release 10)


-          TCAP,  INAP-CS1


The input Message Stream in Hex produces Decoded Output:


-          Hex, Binary Code, and Description for each field of Message Elements

-          Decoded Message Status (i.e., (Syntax OK or ERROR Indication)

-          In case of MAP/INAP-CS1, (Additional Table of Primitive Output)


Product Benefits:


-          Saves TIME Over Manual Decoding

-          Reduces ERROR, Over Manual Decoding

-          ALL-IE (Defined in SPEC) can be decoded

-          ASN.1 Definition Display for Easy Referencing



For Demo:


   The websites are:

(a)    TCAP

(b)   LTE

(c) UMTS

(d) MAP